Removing bar end inserts on a Honda CRF 300 L

I’ve had my handguards mounted with M6 bolts on the barend inserts, but I decided to remove them just to see how hard it was.

Turns out, not hard at all and removing them is probably less of a hassle than drilling and tapping them for M8 threads.

How to:

1. Drill a hole roughly the size of the indentation on the top side of the bars.

2. Insert a bolt on the threads and tap the insert loose

3. Pull out the insert using the bolt you just used.

4. Check for burs on the hole you drilled, sand away if needed

5. Done (naturally, removing and remounting the grip is required)

I drilled a pilot hole first, but that is not needed
Pushed it inwards first to get it loose
the insert removed

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  1. harkh says:

    Thank you for the very useful tip, I’ve just removed the inserts from mine. Acerbis X-Factory is on the way. Grats, very informative site!


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