Handguard info & warning

Heads up for those thinking about installing / ordering handguards on the CRF 300 L (to my knowledge this applies to the 300 Rally too).

The 300 L has threaded inserts INSIDE the bars. This means that you CAN NOT insert the standard expanding mounting hardware inside the bars.

Genuine Acerbis guards installation: https://honda250rally.wordpress.com/2021/08/31/acerbis-x-factory-handguard-install-on-honda-crf-300-l/

Honda CRF 300 L bar end

The inserts have M6 threads which means that the M8 bolts that most handguards come with can not be used either. Why would you not have M8 threads here Honda? Seriously.


Due to the crossbar on the stock bars, you have limited room to mount the bar clamps. Having U-shaped clamps may be a good idea, but straight ones have been made to work also. (see pics -> https://www.srmoto.com/crf300l-handguards/)

UPDATE 22.10.2021

Zeta Racing now has handguards specially designed for the CRF 300 L / Rally. Worth considering.


Bikerz Bits universal hand guards

In addition to the problem above, the BB universal hand guards come with mounting hardware that will not easily fit the standard bars. The issue #1 is the clamp that should mount on the bars. Left side could be made to work, but the right side is a problem due to the brake lines. I would rather have my levers the way they are and not mess around with them in order to make room for the clamp.

No worky
Left side

The product pic at BB website shows the handquards to have a more U-shaped bar clamp, but mine are different. See pics below.

BikersBits product image

Issue #2 is the depth. The clutch lever for example is touching the handguard which in turn leaves too little room for your hands.

Based on this I would not recommend buying the BB universal handguards if you are running stock bars.

Solutions & work arounds to get handguards mounted

#1 Somehow remove the inserts inside the bars. (Haven’t seen anyone successfully doing this)
#2 Drill and tap the insert for M8 threads
#3 Change the bars
#4 Wait for model specific handguards*

*No doubt barkbusters for example, will come out with ones sooner or later.

I’m feeling lazy right now, so I will hang back for a while and see if a bolt on kit appears.

The bar end inserts can also be removed rather easily. How to: https://honda250rally.wordpress.com/2021/10/28/removing-bar-end-inserts-on-honda-crf-300-l/

Removing the throttle side grip

Remove the 2 screws holding the plastic housing together. Open up the housing.

Loosen the locking nut (red arrow) from the upper throttle cable above the pulley. Rotate the hex “nut” (green arrow) that is above the nut you just loosened. Remove the cable from where it’s mounted. Free the cable from the pulley by manually rotating the pulley clockwise and pull the cable end out of it’s hole.

You will most likely now have enough slack to free the cable ands from the throttle grip. If not, you can get more slack, by loosening the cable from the grip end (see post about adjusting throttle free play)

Once the cables are freed, you can just pull off the throttle side grip.

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