Recommended mods for Honda CRF 300 L

I did a similar thing with the 250 Rally and I thought it was time to it for the 300 L. Again, this is all my personal opinion based on my riding style, my budget, my skill level and local riding conditions*

* The biggest factor is probably the riding conditions. We have lot’s of gravel roads, but actual off road is hard to come by legally.

My opinion is worthless noise on the internet and you need to decide for yourself. I keep having to remind myself that this is supposed to be a LIGHT 300 cc do-anything-go-anywhere-worry-free motorcycle, NOT an over farkled BMW GS space craft. The truth is that NONE of the mods are absolutely necessary.

Disclaimer: There are a whole bunch of links to manufacturers and/or retailers websites. Some links are affiliate links.


I’ve come up with 4 categories to clarify what is essential and what is not. Again based on my use.

Mods that, I feel are necessary in order for me to use the bike as I want.

Not essential, but some actual factual benefits are to be gained at reasonable cost.

Nice things, but either not essential or too costly for me.

Not something I want or need for my bike.

Hand guards Protects the levers, reduces vibrations and look cool.I got Acerbis X-Factory ones, but I would now go with CRF 300 specific Zetas instead.
*UPDATE* Barkbusters now has CRF 300 specific hardware available

Manufacturer: Zeta (~$150) OR
Manufacturer: Acerbis (~$100) OR
Manufacturer: Barkbusters
Rear rack I don’t like having even a light backpack on me, so a rack is a must. I’ve got an AXP-Racing one, but B&B looks even better visually.

Manufacturer: AXP-Racing (~$166) OR
Manufacturer: B&B
Skid plate Protects the frame and engine from the constant rock shower and the occasional log jumping. I’ve got an AXP-Racing one, but Acerbis is another good option.

Manufacturer: AXP-Racing
(~$150) OR
USB-charging socket Allows for worry free always on phone navigation. Would recommend Burns moto plug. I got what was available locally.

Manufacturer: BurnsMoto
AUX power connector I prefer to have the USB-socket connected to the switched power plug under the headlamp.

Manufacturer: 12oclocklabs
Phone holder The phone/nav needs to be mounted securely somewhere. Don’t really know what would be best. Quadlock is just one example. Mine is chinese cheapo.

Manufacturer: Quadlock (~$70)

Tool kit upgrade The factory tools are not nearly enough to manage the odd on the road maintenance situation. (~$50)
New tires Of course, but I would still first kill the OEMs by riding. Pirellis (MT21) worked great for 250 Rally. Will buy again. Choose yours according to use.

Manufacturer: Pirelli (~$200)

Throttle freeplay adjustment Adjust according to personal preference. Free!
Rear preload adjustment Stock setting is rather soft. Doesn’t do much, but recommended. Free!
Handlebar risers Not REALLY a must, but makes such a big difference that it almost is. Mine are Voigt Moto Technik.

Manufacturer:Voigt Moto Technik
Fuel can & mount If your riding is taking you places where you can’t be sure of fueling intervals/locations, this is good little extra insurance. Mine is a cheaper version, but I suppose Rotopax is the best quality one. I went for 1 gal.

Manufacturer: Rotopax (~$90)
ECU swap/flash* If your bike is not an EURO 5, do consider.

Thai ECU
Side stand extension plate The bike leans too much as it is. Anything done to extend and / or widen the kickstand is good thing. Mine is cheap Chninesium.

Manufacturer: R&G
Better levers Very nice, but usually too pricey for what they do. China makes copies ofcourse…

Manufacturer: Zeta
Wider footpegs

Nice, but the OEMs work fine too.

Manufacturer: Zeta (~$105)


Battery tender plug Makes life easier for those that need to store the bike for longer periods of time. Naturally you need the compatible charger to get the full experience.(~$140)

Sprocket upgrade Cheap way to adjust the bikes performance. The need and type is very dependent on the riding style.

(~$13) F Jomthai (~$23) R
Tail tidy Purely cosmetic and sort of worse than OEM regarding mud protection. Some weight saving though. Mine is H2C from Bikerzbits.

Bikerzbits: H2C
Exhaust Usually louder > me no likey. Weight saving and heat reductions is a definite plus. Yoshimura or Acrapovic for ultimate bling. Many options available.

Manufacturer: Yoshimura
Front suspension upgradeFirst move is stiffer springs. This is a rabbit hole which would require it’s own post entirely.

Manufacturer: K-Tech
Rear suspension upgrade Pretty straight forward if money is no issue. Suspension upgrades will naturally make the bike handle better. Öhlins for ultimate bling.

Manufacturer: K-Tech
New handlebarThe OEM is often declared as s**t. I’ve tipped the ole 250 Rally on it’s side several times with no issues so I’m keeping the OEM ones for now. Some weight reduction to be gained.

Manufacturer: Renthal
Radiator protectionI wish I had one on the 690 Enduro R when I landed on a tree stump. Still don’t see a need for the 300 L.

Manufacturer: Flatland (~$105)
Chain quide upgradeWhy not, but I’m not sure whats wrong with the OEM one.

Manufacturer: AXP-Racing
Sprocket coverIn theory, will prevent mud from clogging the sprocket and enables easier cleaning and visual inspection.

Bikerzbits: H2C
Engine coversProtects the engine from scuffs and scratches.

Frame protectorsProtects the frame from scuffs and scratches.

Bikerzbits: Yamoto
SUMO kitBecause sumo is the most fun you can have on asphalt.

Crfsonly: Warp 9
Winter tyres Ooh! These are so much fun, but a bit pricey. I haven’t pulled the trigger yet, but I had ones on the 250 Rally.Naturally you need snow & ice for these to make sense.

Air filter upgrade Sure, but not necessary for me.

Manufacturer: DNA (~$120)
Air pre filter Yes, but not very dusty around here. Yes the one in the link fits the Honda.
Edit: 3D printed my own.

Manufacturer: Unifilter (~$20)
Folding mirrors Cool, but unnecessary for me.

Crfsonly: Double Take
Headlight upgrade From the old one to the cool new LED one. Would like to, but pricey and most likely illegal in here.

Bikerzbits: OEM
LED turn signals Mostly cosmetic, but go for it if you got the extra cash.

Bikerzbits: OEM (~$100)
Shift lever upgrade Adjustable and folding. Supposedly more durable.

Manufacturer: Zeta (~$45)
Crash bars This is not the bike that needs them.

Rockfox (~$172)
Grip heaters Have heated gloves so no real need.

Manufacturer: Honda
Wind screen Did not work to my liking on the 690 R or 250 Rally. I prefer clean air over turbulent air.

Manufacturer: Zeta
Tank bag This bike is too small for a sensible size tank bag.

Manufacturer: Giant Loop
Fuel controller This is on the “no thanks” list because I haven’t found any reports on how the add on fuel controllers work with the Euro ECU. May be worth buying.
EJK is the only one that i know of that fits the 300 L.
Manufacturer: EJK

[UPDATE 19.11.2021] I’ve now heard that that the EJK works with the Euro ECU and in fact helps with the twitchy throttle.

[UPDATE 11.12.2021] I’ve now installed the EJK. Results in are will be posted on another post.

[UPDATE 25.3.2022] There is now also A Dynojet option available, but I amunder the impression that it does not work with euro ECU. At least officially. Manufacturer: Dynojet (~$400)

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  1. Alex says:

    Thanks for this list!
    Do you know where to find a larger tank for travel?


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