Acerbis X-Factory handguard install on Honda CRF 300 L

Some background info in this post:

Noteworthy info

  • I have 30mm risers installed, so it gives me a little more room with the handguard mounts.
  • The bars are stock bars.

Prepping the bars and grips

To mount the guards you first need to have access to the inside of the handlebar. On the clutch side it’s a simple matter of cutting the grip end off. Or alternatively you could just cut a hole on the rubber bar end to have access to the M6 hole inside the bars. If you are planning on drilling and tapping the M6 hole to an M8, which size bolts most handguards come with, you will naturally need a bit bigger hole.

First I used a punch to make a hole to see what’s in there
The M6 thread inside the bars

I want to mount the handguards so that there is metal against metal, so I proceeded to cut the rubber grip end off.

As you can see below, the threaded insert is flush with the bars on the right side, but recessed on the left side. No idea why, but it seems they are made like this on purpose.

The left side grip end cut off

The throttle side is easier to do if you remove the grip first (how to is there ->

First I cut off the rubber grip end and the drilled the end off with a 22mm bit. Then I trimmed the rubber for another 6mm and used a belt sander to even the white plastic part with the rubber.

The method above is an unnecessarily complicated way of doing things and you could just as well take the grip off and go at it with a hacksaw.

Grip end cut off
end drilled out
Further shortening is needed because the Acerbis guards don’t come with a bushing
Took off too little the first time and this is after the second cut
Finished throttle side grip

I did not have spacers or washers that would be an exact fit for the inside diameter of the bars so I had to make a temporary solution with what I had at hand.

I wanted the handguards to tighten against the threaded insert and not the bar end, hence the use of washers. If you are fine with tightening the guards against the bars, you can forget hunting for suitable bushing or / washers.

The throttle side does not require any additional spacers as the insert is flush with the bar end.


Acerbis X-Factory black / red
Included mounting hardware
The M6 bolt and washer I used
Throttle cables run rather nicely
Throttle side, I did not use anything between the guard and bars
Left side, I put couple of washers inside the bars to fill the gap
Throttle side mounted, everything is fine
Clutch side… not ideal. The clutch lever has not got room to fully reset

LOOK AWAY NOW, and don’t do what I did.

I got real tired of messing with the handguards and just shortened the clutch lever to be done with them. I’m getting shorter/adjustable levers anyway later on, so this solution will do for now. Again not recommended and probably illegal somewhere in the world.

Some pics below on how the mounting hardware is setup on the bars.

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  1. wsnygiantfan says:

    Question, what is the length of the M6 bolt needed? I want to put handguards on, and keep my stock bars for now also. Thanks.


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