AXP Racing skid plate for CRF 300 L

Nothing that exciting to see here. The skid plate is pretty much what I expected. Seems thick and sturdy. My only complaint is that it rests against the frame tubes which means that the combination of dirt and vibrations will eventually rub away the paint from the frame.

Handguard info & warning

Heads up for those thinking about installing / ordering handguards on the CRF 300 L (to my knowledge this applies to the 300 Rally too). The 300 L has threaded inserts INSIDE the bars. This means that you CAN NOT insert the standard expanding mounting hardware inside the bars. The inserts have M6 threads which…

H2C Tail Tidy for CRF 300 L

*** DISCLAIMER: I did not follow instructions and did a modified installation*** I bought the H2C tail tidy mainly because the other option available at was out of stock. I did have the even shorter version on the 250 Rally, but this one does not require any modifications to the wires and the original…

Honda CRF 300 L / Rally rear rack options

Just a simple collection of options for my own reference. If you find good ones, let me know. AXP Racing PMR B & B Off Road SRC Moto H2C Yamoto Bikerz Bits Altrider

Recommended modifications for the CRF 250 Rally

Before anyone goes off the chain, the following are MY recommendations based on MY riding style and riding conditions. There is no right or wrong. This list is comprised simply because I often get asked what the “recommended” or “must do mods” are. MODIFICATION WHY LINKS Proper hand guards DO Saves you a lot of…