Bash plate for Honda 250 Rally


Honda Bashplate latest 16 Dec Ferdie (5)

Many people seem to be looking for bash plates to replace the plastic OEM version, so I though I would share the options that are out there.

The Chris Barnes Carbon fibre / kevlar add-on bash plate

Chris Barnes is making a carbon fibre add-on type plate that bolts on to the existing OEM plate. This solution is both elegant, light and durable and will most likely provide enough protection for most people.

Bob's bashplate 3
The add on plate mounted on the OEM plate

The oil drain hole is retained, but all the other holes are covered by the add on plate. The shape and material of the add-on plate will allow it to easily slide over obstacles and it also provides some more protection at the sides compared to the OEM one.

All necessary mounting hardware is provided with the plate.

Contact Chris at if you are interested in ordering one. Pricing is around 80GBP plus shipping. Chris is based in the UK.


*Pictures courtesy of Chris Barnes

The B&B option


The Australian B&B off road engineering plate is the other option. The B&B plate is made from 4mm aluminium 5083 plate and it replaces the OEM plate. It comes in either black or polished aluminium. Priced at 225 AUD (about $176) it’s the heavier more expensive option.

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  1. Sandro Reffo says:

    I actually used the Emperor Racing set up for the CRF 250 L for both bash plate and radiator guard. I am no mechanic and there was some fiddling, but it worked.
    Cost ~ $150 CDN.


    1. 250rally says:

      Without seeing the result, I can’t really form an opinion. Looking at the product, it seems that it will not really go to well together with the oem fairings.


  2. Sandro Reffo says:

    Not a perfect fit as the black mid plate fits over the Emperor front rise and so the “tabs” on the mid plate are exposed. Still, it fit with the “ fiddling” and all plastic panels are solid so it worked. I had bought it from my dealer on the premise that it would fit the Rally. They said it would but were wrong and contacted me to refund. By that time I had it installed and other options were not yet available so kept it.
    Seems fine. Would show you but unable to upload photos.


  3. Ferdinand pick says:

    Love Chris’s bash plate!!.!

    I was one of the first to try it. Light weight, easy to fit and will do the required job!


  4. John Philips says:

    I have to be honest here, I never had issues with the stock bash plate and I went into some heavy rock roads where actually only hardcore Enduros should be going. Ofc I fell on my ass 100m before I got off (sigh) but I have ridden the Rally hard since and NEVER had any issues with it. Now, I wouldn’t go over big high rocks with it like on Enduro competitions but I decided (thankfully for now) to keep the stock. I just don’t want to add more weight to this already at limit weight 250….


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