Differences between Honda CRF 300 L and CRF 300 Rally

This again mostly for my own entertainment and research as I can’t actually buy either one. Zero bikes available new or used.

Differences between Honda CRF 300 L and CRF 300 Rally



The headlight is obviously different. The Rally has the dual “crazy eyes” that the original 250 Rally had and the L has traditional dirt bike style setup with a single light. One would assume that the Rally light is better as far as light pattern goes, but haven’t really seen any comparisons between the two.

Headlights of CRF 300 Rally and L


The L has minimal fairings while the Rally has a much more faired look. The Rally has a mix of PP and ABS plastic parts, but I don’t know if the L plastic is all PP? The Rally fairings have a built on skid plate included while the L comes without one. The Rally skid plate is not that tough, but will do if you are not planning on going over logs and stuff.

Tank size

The Rally comes with a 12,8 litre tank and the L with a 7,8 one. That is a roughly 60% increase on range. With 4l/100km average consumption the Rally goes over 120 kms (77 miles) farther on one tank than the L.


With more fairings and a larger tank the Rally is 9 kg (20 pounds) heavier than the L. Of that wet weight the fuel is roughly 5 kgs (11 pounds) so the dry weight difference comes to around 4 kg (9 pounds)

Ground clearance

While suspension travel is exactly the same the ground clearance of the Rally is 10 mm less (0,04 inches) This is due to the skid plate and evens out if you install one on the L. * Also I suspect that the Rally sags a tiny bit more due to the added weight and the suspension components being the same.

Wind screen

This one is pretty obvious. The Rally comes with a screen and the L has nothing.


Around here the price difference is 1600 euros ($1,898). If the bigger tank is not a must and the styling differences don’t pull you towards the Rally, I would personally go for the L. The price difference gets you pretty decent budget to accessorize the L and most likely you will still have some money left over.



Both the seat and the seat height are different. On paper the height difference is only 5 mm and the actual seat is a different unit. According to my research the Rally unit is slightly wider and thicker than what the L has. Wether this translates to actual added comfort… I don’t know.


The actual grips seem to pretty similar, but the Rally has bar end weights and the L does not. No biggie, but supposedly mounting bark busters on the Rally will much more straight forward as there is no need to make holes on the grip ends yourself.

CRF 300 L grips Vs. CRF 300 Rally

Foot pegs

Again the unit looks to be the same, but the Rally comes with removable rubber inserts. I suppose you can get them afterwards if you like, but I would prefer them taken out anyway.

Front brakes

The Rally has a bigger brake rotor presumably to deal with the extra 9kgs of weight it has.

Accessory bar

The Rally has a rather convenient accessory bar above the dash which of course stays still when maneuvering the bike. A nice thing to have, but one can live without it too.

Hand guards

The Rally has the same kind of hand guard that the 250 Rally had. That is to say purely cosmetic. Outside of them directing some wind off your fingers they don´t do much.


Turn signals

For some reason the 250 Rally style turn signals have been replaced with a more traditional design. No idea why. The Japanese Rally still has the slimmer LED turn signals, but then again they don’t seem to have the 300 Rally or L available.

That said, some promotional shots seem to have both the Rally and L with the LED turn signals. What is the reality in each country / market, I have no idea. Around here the 2021 models come with the older style ones.

Missed something?

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