I dream of CRF 300…

I honestly did try to look elsewhere, but with my priorities, there is nothing out there that beats the CRF 300 L / Rally.

*** Backstory: I don’t have the 250 Rally anymore and after a few other bikes, I wan’t back what it had to offer.***

If Yamaha suddenly decides to take part in the small cc adventure game, they may very well come out with a superior product to the CRF 300. KTM also has potential, but for some reason they don`t want to bring a smaller street enduro to the market.


What about the WR 250 R? It’s lighter and more powerful. Yes it is and more expensive… or it would be if I could buy one. The WR would be a fine bike and I would certainly consider getting one, but those things are have not been imported here in a quite a while.

Aren’t I forgetting the KLX 300? No. Yet another bike that can’t be bought in my country. The same goes for DR-Z400.

The Husqvarna Svartpilen 401 tickles me in all the right places, but in the end it`s too street oriented + the closest service is just way too far away.



Lighter is both easier to manage and in general more fun. While the CRF 300 isn`t the lightest out there, it`s the lightest that you can buy around here. That is a big big deal for me.


The KTM is obviously the top dog when it comes to power, but just sitting on one made me decide against it. The ergos did not feel right and looking at the numbers it would mean compromising on this I rather would not. The Kawasaki and Suzuki are just overweight shrunken versions of the bigger offerings. BMW is interesting and comes out favorably in the comparison. It does a lot of things right and is actually pretty nice when met in person. Something is missing though.

Honda CRF 300 specs comparison
Honda CRF 300 spec ranking


I like how the L and Rally look. They look agile and stylish without the miniaturized look that bikes like the 300 X and V-Strom 250 have. The Rally doesn`t try to be a budget Africa Twin and the L on the other hand looks like a proper ”dirt bike” to my eye. That said, looks should not really be a deciding factor,


The 300 L is almost a bargain for what it offers. The Rally pricing is a bit steep in my opinion. On paper KTM has a better deal with the 390 Adventure with all the stuff and tech that is included.

WHY NOT A 250 L or 250 RALLY?

Indeed, why not. The differences are not that big, but currently it seems that I have a bigger chance of getting a brand new CRF 300 than a used 250. Nobody seems to want to sell theirs.


Heaven knows. Specs aren’t everything? The BMW is sort of good in everything, but 30 kg over the 300 L is off putting. KTM is a lot of bang for the buck, but would need some modification on ergos and it’s even heavier than the GS. Versys and V-strom aren’t good even on paper. This leaves me hoping for a Honda to magically appear on dealership somewhere with in 300 miles of me.

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