Wolfman Tank panniers test


I strapped a pair of Wolfman tank panniers to the bike to see if they would work. The bags can be made to work, but not without some modification. There are couple of issues.

1. The upper straps pretty much have to be placed on both sides of the tank cap, which places the bags a bit too much backwards. The issue is that even with my short legs my knees don’t really fit behind the bags. The top straps can’t be moved any further forward as they would interfere with the steering. Mounting the bags solely on the side fairings feels like a bad idea.

2. Because of the fairings, there really aren’t any well located spots to tie the lower straps to. Cutting some holes to the fairings could sort of work, but the fairings are sort of flimsy if you are planning on placing anything heavy inside the bags.

If you want them Amazon has them for around $100:Wolfman Tank Panniers

not good

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  1. Johny J Brewbus says:

    I’ve often thought that many tank panniers get in the way of knees. They should be fixed further forward, using the pointier parts of the tank fairings. But, as you showed in a much earlier post, the red parts of the fairings are separate / separable, and so, as you said — too flimsy.

    But could the red fins be firmed up in any way? e.g. a couple of metal rods inserted through the plastic ribs on the back? Or do you reckon that just isn’t feasible?

    Hmmm…. Then again, I’m not sure I’d want metal rods embedded in breakable plastic parts, so close to me.

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  2. MewZiKat says:

    I just ordered the Wolfman Enduro Dry panniers (because they are rackless so I can keep weight to a minimum). prepping my Rally for Trans America Trail summer 2018.


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