Yet another Phone/GPS mount solution – The GUB G-86 phone holder

the dash remains completely visible

I found yet another solution* for mounting the phone on the GPS crossbar. It’s chinese made and therefore relatively cheap (around  $15). I ordered mine on eBay. Searching for “GUB G-86 phone holder” should find ouy one if you are interested, but Amazon also has them.

Amazon link: GUB Mountian Bike Phone Mount – Aluminum Alloy Universal Adjustable Bike Mount Cell Phone GPS Mount Holder Rotating Cradle Clamp for Bicycle Motorbike,iPhone Samsung Android All Smartphones (BLACK)

*the previous pouch solution did not work with gloves (even gloves with touchscreen fingertips).

The GUB mount is made from machined aluminium and powder coated black. The reason I got interested in this, is that it’s an all metal construction with a really solid looking system to hold the phone in place. A poor mans  Perfect Squeeze if you will. I placed my IPhone 6 (with a UAG protective cover) on the mount and could not get the phone to budge, no matter how hard I shook it.


The holder comes with soft pads that you can glue on or leave out. The added friction provided by the pads is probably a good idea if your phone doesn’t have a protective cover.

In theory one could probably mount 2 of these side by side on the bike beacause of the compact size.

I found that the mount required a piece of inner tubing to get it tight enough around the bar. No biggie.

The mount can be set either horizontally or vertically AND the finger screw location can be set to four different directions. All this by loosening one allen head bolt and without needing to remove or loosen the clamp around the bar.

Soft paddings on the “claws”


The mount can be set up vertically or horizontally


The squeeze method holds the phone very very firmly


7 Comments Add yours

  1. sam says:

    Have you tested this long term? I’ve ordered one and I’m just a little worried if it’s gonna come loose and also if it vibrates a lot, possibly damaging the phone.


    1. 250rally says:

      I’ve used it since the initial installation. No issues yet.


      1. sam says:

        ok sounds good, it’s definitely the value for money option when it’s 1/10th of the price of perfect squeeze and seems to be decent.


  2. Mark McCall says:

    Definitely get some threadlock on it.
    Mine vibrated loose this morning and I lost one of the rubber bar spacer pads. Just managed to grab it and pull over before the phone fell though.


  3. Emil says:

    I have this same setup on my Rally. Yes, locktight is a must. I use a RAM Tether as an extra safety precaution.


  4. Joaquin Sandoval says:

    Hello, I follow all the advice from Colombia, I have a black 2017, already with 4,000 kms and I am happy. I notice a bit of inactivity on the page, but what has been published served me well. For now I made the adjustment of the rear suspension according to your recommendation, also buy the support for the cell phone and even the case also …

    I would like you to continue publishing, and keep knowing your interests.


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