Riser installation on CRF 300 L

As expected, the bars are a bit too low for riding standing up. And as also expected the cables and wires don’t allow as much rise as I would like.

To be on the safe side, I ordered 30mm risers, that after some pre purchase investigation seemed to be a doable amount of rise.

The risers themselves, are German made and it shows. Top quality items. Www.voigt-mt.de

Voigt MT 30mm risers

The installation is so simple, that I won’t go into that, but in order to get enough slack on the cables, I did the following.

1. Free up the brake hose by removing it from the metal fasteners

Freed the brake hose from here
And also from here (behind the headlight)

2. Moved the throttle cables on the inside of the metal wire guide

3. Removed the inner zip ties from the electric cables on the left and right side

These inner ties were removed

The clutch cable could possibly be rerouted, but I left alone at this point.


There is no excessive tightness on any of the cables, but I would not go for much more rise than the 30mm. In my opinion, the clutch cable will be the biggest problem. Originally the biggest issue was the brake hose, but freeing it up provided a surprising amount of slack.


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