H2C Tail Tidy for CRF 300 L

*** DISCLAIMER: I did not follow instructions and did a modified installation***

Original CRF 300 L rear fender

I bought the H2C tail tidy mainly because the other option available at bikerzbits.com/ was out of stock. I did have the even shorter version on the 250 Rally, but this one does not require any modifications to the wires and the original tail light stays in place.

The installation is pretty simple, because all you do is unbolt the original one and replace it with the new metal bracket. You only need to transfer the plate light, reflector and the plate to the new plate holder.

Disconnecting the tail light wire requires you to take the tail cover off.

Plate light connector
H2C tail tidy, whats in the box. A: plate light holes, B: reflector holes

My mods

I left out the support brackets for a cleaner look. I’ve had several different tail tidys before and I don’t think it really needs the support brackets. If it breaks at some point, it’s a $40 loss. No big deal.

I also moved the plate light up and mounted it to the holes meant for the reflector. This means I could not use the original rubber mounts. I placed some rubber spacers of my own between the light and plate carrier.

There is now a hole under the fender at the point where the plate light wire goes through, this needs to addressed as crud will otherwise find it’s way under the tail cover.

The hole with the piece of orange tape needs to be blocked
The plate light backside is better protected from mud with this installation

H2C tail tidy installed

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  1. Fabio says:

    Very nice. I decide to adapt a DRZ-400 tail tidy. It was cheaper than the CRF300 complete tail tidy and need few adjustment. I obtain a good result.

    Liked by 1 person

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