I did a bad thing


I haven’t had the Honda for a while now. While I regret selling it and have been contemplating on getting another one, I did the ultimate bo-bo and bought a cruiser.

I could explain myself of the whys and so forth, but you would not buy my excuses anyway so I’ll spare you.

Those of you who are dry heaving now… I get it. Just had to come clean and get this off my conscience. This site will remain live, but I will not be posting any cruiser stuff here.

Those who have the stomach / interest can see my Boulevard M50 / Intruder M800 related stuff at http://boulevardcruiser.com/

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Xmcc99 says:

    So why did you sell the Honda? Two year itch?


    1. 250rally says:

      Pretty much, yes


  2. Sal says:

    Live and learn. As an old enduro racer told me in my youth. You ride as fast as you can till you figure out you are on the wrong trail and lost. And then you backtrack as fast as you can to catch the trail again. My ’19 Rally rolled 9k today. She is a sweet sweet girl.


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