CRF 250 Rally winter test

snapseedFinally there is at least a tiny bit of snow. Too little, but enough to justify doing the first test run.

The paved roads were super slippery. They were frozen, but there was no snow on the road. The spikes were a life saver, but traction was still minimal. It was like pulling a rake on frozen asphalt when braking for intersections. If there ever was a time to be thankful for ABS, this was it. Didn’t touch the front brake practically at all.

As this was my first attempt at winter riding, I was walking on eggshells, but today gave me confidence that I can handle this.

Biggest problem was the helmet visor that froze up within 5 minutes. The foggy, misty weather probably played a part. Temperature wise it as only -6C.

UPDATE [22nd of Jan.]

The helmet freezing (not even fogging) was such a major issue, that I threw some money at it. While a helmet with a heated visor was one option, I decided that I would get more use out of a proper winter balaclava and goggles.  I also did some research on the web and goggles seems to be the way to go for winter riding, if not doing long distance touring.

The balaclava
After some Googling, it started to look like Klim was the way to go which was fine as a nearby car warehouse stocks Klim stuff. Alpinestars has a similar product, but after handling both I decided to go with the Klim.

Klim Arctic Balaclava

Amazon has them for around $55:  Klim Men’s Arctic Fleece-Lined Neoprene Balaclava, Black, One Size Fits All

The goggles
The goggles needed to be either snowmobile goggles or enduro (not MX) goggles that have a double pane lens. I took my old Shoei Hornet DS out of retirement and took it with me to the shop as I knew most goggles would not fit in the small eye port. I wanted to get the Klim snowmobile goggles, but there was no way to get them to fit the Hornet so I opted for Fox Main Enduro goggles.

Fox Main Enduro goggles

Amazon has them for around $45: Fox Racing Main Enduro Adult Moto Motorcycle Goggles Eyewear – Black/Orange / One Size

After removing the visor from the Shoei the helmet, balaclava and goggles go together quite nicely. I’ll report back when I get to test the combo in action.

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