Yet another pair of levers

After market levers for Honda CRF 250 Rally. Stock one for comparison.

Santa was considerate enough to bring something for me too in the form of new pair of levers. The levers look exactly like the first pair that did, not fit with the exception, that now the pivot bolt holes and thickness are correct. Oh, and they are red.

Huge difference in dimensions.
“L04” has the right dimension, the “L01” not so much

The new ones are “L04” instead of “L01”

These levers have no branding and are most likely churned by the same factory as the first ones. The design is the most common one you run across when googling for CRF 250 levers. Ebay for example is filled with people that sell these types of levers. The levers are adjustable for reach and are somewhat shorter than the OEM ones. The levers are also pivoting, but given that I have proper hand guards installed,braking the levers in a crash is not so likely.


Old ones off, new ones in. Pretty simple. There is however one niggle. The clutch lever is shaped so that it can’t be pulled all the way in like the OEM lever. The light switch housing prevents the lever from coming all the way back. The movement seems to be enough though, to disengage the clutch properly. Clearly, while it they do fit, they are not designed for the CRF 250. The manufacturer is using the exact same lever design for all bikes and the only things that change are the mounting end dimensions.

The brake side has no issues with hitting anything.

The original lever can be pulled all the way back
Stock lever comes all the way back




Yes, they can be mounted. Are they 100% perfect? No. If you want a pair, check out Ebay, aliexpress or similar.

Check out the post about the 490 Rally levers and the DIY 2 finger clutch post.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Aleks says:

    That’s why you want a set of branded Zeta levers, which are a perfect fit. Yes, they cost maybe three times as much, but how many mispurchases have you done already? 😉


  2. 250rally says:

    The latest ones were a present. I learnt already. 😉 Still haven’t found real short ones at any price though.


    1. Aleks says:

      Levers don’t have to be short. You just want to adjust the levers so that the clutch and the front brake are fully engaged before you pinch your other fingers. It’s easy with Zeta.


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