Crash / engine guards for CRF 250 Rally

It seems that the guys in Indonesia have been busy for a while now, but other crash bar options are still a well kept secret.

I haven’t bought any as of yet, but will collect some info here on whats available. Hopefully it will be helpful for some of you too.

If you know of some bars that are not listed, please let me know.

*Apologies for the borrowed imagery. I trust that accessory manufacturers will benefit from me featuring their products and tolerate me borrowing some pics.

Coriaz Motoadveture bars

Picture borrowed from their Facebook page

The Photo isn’t the best possible, but searching for #coriazmotoadventure in Instagram will get you better pics.

Demo Moto Desing bars

Picture borrowed from their Facebook page


Advance Adventure co. bars

Picture borrowed from their Instagram page


T-Rex Racing Engine guards

Picture grabbed from their installation video
Picture grabbed from their installation video

GP Kompozit


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  1. Looks GREAT on there! 😀


  2. aleks says:

    The first option is definitely for those who wanted a R1200GS, but couldn’t afford it… 😦 In my opinion all the options spoil the looks of Rally.


    1. 250rally says:

      Some of the bars also look like they would not survive a crash and maybe even cause more damage than without… Don’t want to judge without seeing them first hand though.

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      1. Marcus Deubel says:

        You are right. Especially the second one. It’s just mount to plastics. Not to the frame.


  3. Andrew King says:

    I like the look of the Advance Adventure bars.
    I might try and get a set and mess around with colours. A gloss red would look great.

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    1. 250rally says:

      Yeah, my favourite too. The T-rex bars look business, but I don’t like the lower cross bar. It looks like it’s bound to snag on to stuff rather than slide over.


  4. Constant Wahl says:

    Just ride it and crash it guys! Only thing that happened to my plastics after crashing so many times I don’t care to count anymore on a recent trip to Namibia, was 2 tabs. The one tab was glued back on and the other was not really necessary. Both tabs only broke due to the 1 fall were my foot was caught directly beneath the plastic…

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  5. I think hepco&becker as well as sw-motech now have some kind of engine crash bars out for the Rally


    1. 250rally says:

      Neither one has any crash bars listed on their website for the Rally. Where did you get this info?


      1. mbravorus says:

        You can see the H&B ones here – and for sw-motech, I might have been mistaken – there are crash bars for CRF-250L, but not for the Rally (I _might_ have seen somewhere that it fits, but can’t find any evidence at the moment)


      2. 250rally says:

        It does seem that Louis states that Hepco has a suitable bars for the Honda. Hepcos own website doesn’t have anything for the Rally, nor is anything available from ebay for Rally by H&P. I also don’t think the chrome bars pictured on the site are for the Rally.


      3. mbravorus says:

        Quick googling has turned up this – – though why Philippines is ahead of the rest of the world is not immediately obvious. I would expect that you can ask Louis about details, them being German and having lots of ordnung, probably the best bet.


  6. 250rally says:

    Good find again. That won’t work for the Rally though. The picture is the same as the one on Hepco & Becker’s European site. The part is listed for the 250 L only.

    To me it seems that Big Bike tech is selling the 250 L crash bars for the Rally. This obviously means having to seriously modify the fairings to make them “fit”.


  7. mbravorus says:

    People on the advrider thread have also unearthed crash bars made in Turkey by GP Kompozit. I somehow lost the link to the OEM web shop, but they are also sold (quite cheaply) out of Prague (?) on Ebay –

    P.S. found the OEM website, it’s in Turkish but Google Translate works –,LA_7-2.html#labels=95-2

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    1. 250rally says:

      Thanks for the info!


  8. I use Agna crash bar, made in Indonesia. Dropped the bike once at rocky terrain with no visible damage, though the drop was in very low speed.


  9. Patrick says:

    Hi everybody from France, I bought a 250 Rally in July and I’m looking for parts to go on the Trans Euro Trail. Thanks a lot for your website, really great and useful. I’ve read everything! About the crash bars, I’ve had a look on those posted by MBRAVORUS. They’re sold in two parts (lower and upper guards) and I think I’m going to buy them since they are sold in Europe. My question is: will they be compatible with one of the skid plates you posted on your website? Thanks a lot!


  10. Patrick says:

    I actually bought the “pack” lower-upper-skid plate that this guy sells (Inpreda). Is is 178€, shipping costs included, so it is not so expensive. I’ll give you my opinion when I will install it:


  11. Lennit Els says:

    Update on GP Kompozit.
    They are not Inpreda.
    I purchased their full crash bar and skid plate kit, as well as the luggage rack. I really recommend these products, because they fit perfectly and are the best price on the market.


  12. Yavuz says:

    GP Kompozits crash bars have a small problem. Upper mounting point is clamped to the chassis with a flat piece. I mean it presses on to the pipe that it is connected to with a flat piece. They should have used a round clamping style. Because of this problem, when I dropped the bike, flat piece dented the pipe. Now bars stay much closer to plastics, almost touching to the plastics.

    This is something to consider. I would recommend the crash bars with 3 mounting points since a 2 point crash bar (especially if it is clamped to a pipe) may rotate.

    Thanks for this blog in general btw, very nice content.


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