Stahlbus oil drain valve

I bought an aftermarket oil drain valve to reduce the mess caused by draining the oil. A friend of mine spotted this thingy at a catalog. While the new valve seems to be a well made piece and is no doubt a handy thing, there is a possible problem.

The OEM oil drain bolt is protected by a metal tab. In case the bottom of the engine comes in to contact with something that could hit the bolt, the tab is there to take some of the force. The tab also prevents the bash plate to bend and touch the drain bolt.

The new valve however, is so tall that it sticks out beyond the tab and is likely to be the first thing to snag on anything if the bike is ridden over a log etc. This combined with the added leverage that comes with the significantly taller piece seems like a big risk. I see a potential of cracking the bottom of the engine. Having a little less oil on the garage floor is not enough for me to take a chance with this. Back goes the OEM plug. On a different kind of bike, the Stahlbus valve would be great as it also has the added benefit of not needing any tools to open it.

Amazon has these too, if ordering from Germany is out of the question.
Link: Stahlbus Oil Drain Valve Plug M14x1.5x12mm Steel M14 x 1.5 x 12mm

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  1. Ferdinand pick says:

    Great ideas and write up with pics, as always. Keep it up mate. I’m looking a mods to do on my rally. 13 tooth, exhaust, power commander etc…

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  2. Christoper says:

    I think your right! If your ever going to potentially go off road and run over anything this would not be protected and could end up disastrous. We use this kind of setup on commercial trucks here and I would consider it on a road touring bike application.
    Great informative post!

    P.S. Have you checked into crash bars that Ferdinand found?


    1. 250rally says:

      Yes, curious about pricing


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