Rally 490 super short levers for Honda 250 Rally


I found some CRF 250 L/M shorty levers from webike Japan that also fit the Rally. I’ve never heard of the brand before, but they weren’t expensive so I gave them a go.

Once I got the levers on my hands, it became obvious that they are far from “super short”. They fit the bike fine and I do prefer the shape of the brake lever of the new set over the OEM one. I did however leave my chopped 2 finger clutch lever still on the bike.

Not so short really

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  1. Johnathan Wilkinson says:

    I seem to remember that Minkyhead (or Minkihead) on Advrider used some kind of glue type plastic on the foot of his stand to make it bigger/wider, so it wouldn’t sink into soft ground so much.
    It looked fuggly, but he says it did the job.
    Well, if you have some spare levers – it seems that you have bought a few that aren’t perfect – you could cut them down to the ideal length and then make a smooth, rounded ball shape with this solidifying plastic stuff that Minkyhead uses.
    If you are worried about it looking ugly, just tape it up or dip it in melted rubber (which might even reduce vibration ever so slightly).

    Hacksaw, metal file, strange plastic stuff and an hour or two… you’ll finally have the exact sized levers you want.


  2. Andrew Millar says:

    Are they shorter at all? And if so by how much?


    1. 250rally says:

      The picture with the red background shows both the OEM lever and the Rally lever side by side


  3. Andrew Millar says:

    Cheers iv ordered my self a set of these. The stock ones are just a bit to close to my bark busters.


  4. XAVIER VILA says:


    Congrats for your website, I’m owner of a black CRF Rally 250 and I had the same problem with OEM levers, too long. I order this levers from Japan, but the new 491 model with anto slip. I’ll inform you when I have mounted. Best Regards from Barcelona, Spain.


  5. Edwin Chire says:

    Where can I buy it?
    Thanks 🙏🏻


    1. 250rally says:

      Webike Japan


  6. Xavier Vila says:

    I have mounted the 490 levers from some months ago, very good value I’m very happy with them.


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