Bigger foot pegs for the 250 Rally

Foot pegs for Honda CRF 250 Rally from eBay

During recent enduro adventures my feet slipped from the pegs several times almost resulting in a crash.

Despite my bad luck with the Chinese clutch lever I again ordered new ones from ebay. This time the parts fit and the new pegs fit nicely.

I could not find much by searching pegs for “CRF 250 Rally” so I bought ones that were labeled to fit the 250 L.

Bigger aftermarket foot pegs for Honda CRF 250 Rally

The bike now has sort of power steering.

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  1. andrew morris says:

    hi enjoying your blog a lot, i have a Rally & wondered what new levers you got as i too have had the same problem with claims of fitting from China, planned to follow suit and cut a spare one down, i am interested if you found shorter ones that will fit. i am short and have fitted the standard CRF250 shock, to reduce height, i fitted a US adjustable link but with the Rally shock being longer it hit the swingarm so was useless. do you plan on showing the levers


    1. 250rally says:

      I haven’t found suitable short levers. I ’m starting to think that they don’t exist.


      1. JF Cantin says:

        Just for the record, I took my Zeta folding levers from my DRZ400 and bolted them to my CRF250 Rally. They seems to fit just fine.


  2. andrew morris says:

    I found some on ebay black short Apico ones but the seller could not confirm they would fit the Rally only a 2013-2015 CRF, so did’nt want another set of levers that don’t fit.


  3. Edward King says:

    I bought the chinese levers too. Brake is perfect…the pvot bolt hole on the clutch lever was too small…I enlarged it to the proper diameter. There is something wrong in the design…for full movement of the lever, there was not enough pull on the clutch cable to fully disengage or feather the clutch. But, I don’t care, they were inexpensive, I got a nice brake lever, I’m fine with that.


  4. Dror says:

    hello. Thanks for your site its very helpfull. Can you send the link where you buy the pegs?


  5. Seb says:

    I’m using Zeta levers

    Click to access crf250rally.pdf

    Sadly the clutch lever hits the switch unit when it’s tilted downwards for standing. The left stock mirror has a similar problem, it’s hitting the windscreen.


  6. Fox says:

    I actually ordered the same pegs for my Rally, before seeing this. Anything to note after standing on them for 18 months? Cheers mate. Excellent website.


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