D.I.Y. 2 finger clutch experiment

The D.I.Y. 2 finger clutch lever for Honda CRF 250 Rally
Rounded of the tip

I’ve had some issues with operating the clutch on the more technical trails. I want to operate the clutch by two fingers, but as the OEM lever is not adjustable, I’m unable to do so without pinching the rest of my fingers between the grip and lever.


DO NOT chop down your clutch lever based on this experiment!
My experiment may not work AND may be DANGEROUS!
Chopping down your clutch lever may be illegal in some countries!

I originally though about using a cheap Chinese / eBay aftermarket lever as a base for the experiment, but once it arrived it seemed clear that the lever will not actually fit the bike without some shims and spacers. I decided to chop down my spare standard lever and see if it would work. If it works, I’ll try to find adjustable commercial solutions somewhere.

The upper lever was sold for 250 L, but it doesn’t really fit the Rally. I’m assuming that the levers for the Rally and L are the same.
Pivot bolt hole is the wrong size.
Not even close

I do realize that levers have balls at the ends for safety reasons. I would not consider doing this if I did not have proper hand guards installed. 

Feels ok

The end results feels pretty good. I’m able to pull the clutch all the way without pinching the other fingers. As the lever has no ball at the end, there is a chance it’s too slippery in practice.

I will head out to a nearby enduro track tomorrow (wife & weather permitting) to see how it works in real life.


Made a short test run and it seems that this thing might work just fine. I’ll keep an eye out for a commercial solution.


Took  my experimental shorty lever to the nearby enduro track. I liked it and felt it was an improvement over the stock one.

AGAIN, I don’t recommend anyone doing this. This experiment was made to test out the idea of a 2 finger clutch and as I could not find a commercial solution I had to make one myself.

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  1. MrX says:

    You need to put the ring from the original lever to the new lever and it will fit pivot. 🙂


    1. 250rally says:

      The thickness is still way off


  2. This is very insteresting thing, motorcycles still use the big lever for 4 finger pull, but mountain bikes use nice two finger levers for long time, which are much more comfortable for offroad riding. I use only one finger for operating with clutch and front brake when i ride offroad on my CRF just like on my MTB enduro.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 250rally says:

      Yes indeed. Now that I have tried the modified clutch, I don’t think there is any need to to use all 4 fingers or even 3.


    1. 250rally says:

      Actually yes, and the price isn’t bad either.


      1. Ben says:

        Let me know how you get on if they fit I will get a set.
        I have contacted the seller to see if they will fit the rally. I will post back when I get a reply.


  3. 250rally says:

    I found the same set at webike (japan). It was stated there that they fit the Rally. The UK seller will not ship to me, so I found the jap site that way. I will order them today. Good fimd 👍


  4. Maarten Tits says:

    I had my lever broken in a stupid fall, and after that I grinded the lever off untill it was suitable for 2 finger use and it is still in use like that. Much better control of the bike since you doesn’t ungrip from the bar.


  5. aleks says:

    Even the standard clutch lever can be used for two finger operation. Yes, you will pinch the fingers, but if you’re riding in gloves, it’s alright. The clearance is enough for the clutch not to drag. The only issue for me was that I couldn’t set it in neutral this way. For the rest no problem. However, if you cut the lever, you will be able to operate the clutch even with one finger. It’s very light. Pro’s do it with one finger. I’ve “shortened” my clutch lever in a tip over accident, and first I wanted to replace it with a fancy Zeta pivot lever, but now I’m just riding this way. It’s a cheap and effective mod.


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