Estonian Trip


Back from Estonia. The bike performed flawlessly. The gas mileage varied quite a bit depending on the average speed we were able to keep up. Keeping up with highway traffic is/was not optimal for fuel consumption.


Suspension worked very well, despite it not being “hard core” or “proper”. The tractor like first gear made riding smaller muddy pot filled tracks very comfortable and confidence inspiring.  The ABS is the only thing that I don’t like. Not that the bike has one, but the fact that it keeps switching itself on after each stop and once you notice/remember it you have to stop again to switch it off. A simple rocker switch would be great.

The stock tires aren’t all that great, but did their job reasonably well.


Laitse Castle

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  1. Fabien says:


    I just wanted you to know how this blog is gold for someone looking for buying this machine.
    I found informations that were available nowhere else.

    Plus your pictures are great ! The X100t sure is a piece of hardware, but you certainly know how to take a shot.

    Please keep this blog alive, you will probably give Honda 2 more customers 🙂

    Regards from France,

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  2. I’ve also been enjoying the blog. Thanks for the effort in putting it together. Took delivery of the Rally three weeks ago and it has been a difficult search for accessories, especially down here in South Africa and away from most of the markets for this bike.



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  3. Aleks says:

    I have ridden this motorcycle today and unexpectedly fallen in love with it instantly. I came to the dealer with an intention to give it a ride, understand that it’s worthless and forget about it. But now I’m really considering buying it and selling my current motorcycle, which is Honda CBF 600. Despite the great difference in displacement, it wasn’t bad at all on acceleration. I didn’t notice when it reached 80 km/h in the town. It looks much better live than on the photos. And regarding riding comfort, it’s actually superior to my CBF. It just sails, not rides, with absolutely no vibrations at 100 km/h. For me that’s enough. I’m going to use this bike for travelling, and 100 km/h is already too quick if you really want to see the country. Honda did a really great job with this motorcycle. I thank you very much for this blog that inspired my interest in this model, and wish you a lot of success and new interesting journeys with this bike!


  4. Joe Nitchman says:

    This blog is awesome, well done and great info. All the things I’ve been struggling to research myself.
    Good job


  5. nemo says:

    What is the fuel consumption on highway and at which average speed? nice blog, thanks a lot!


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