Cleaner & better GPS / phone mounts for the 250 Rally

This part works well enough and is reasonably compact
This combo is less than optimal

I have been searching for a cleaner solution to mounting my phone on the bike ever since I installed the first mount (

While the 1.0 mount sort of works, it’s not very elegant and I hate that the X-grip wont keep the phone still. The grip has a certain amount of “free rotation” due to the design of the gripping mechanism. While the problem is mostly cosmetic, the movement does throw a few apps off as they interpret that the phone is shaked or sometimes flipped sideways.


The RAM mount also brings the phone too much away from the dash thus covering unnecessarily part of the speedo.

This transformer looking monstrosity is not what I want either

Better Solutions



This is the best one I have found. Very simple, very clean and rugged. Folks at have succesfully mounted this on the Rally. Looky here for pics ->


You can get in on -> Perfect Squeeze Off-Road Phone Mount


It’s sold by Hondo Garage there ->


2. HERMANN Mechatronik mount


This only a partial solution as it doesn’t hold anything on it’s own. It needs a pouch or a mounting plate depending on what your plans are. Still a very clean and compact product. Price is around 45 euros.


The thinner straight black plastic piece in the pic above can be left out if so desired.

My own find. This is a boat part designed to be used as a fender holder mount on boat railings (25mm). It’s a rather beautifully designed thing with stainless nuts and bolts and costs under 10 euros. This again needs a pouch, but I will be used to use one anyway since a certain phone manufacturer hadn’t figured out waterproofing by the time I got my fruit logoed phone.

NAWA 25mm connector

The sizing of the mount is perfect for the 22mm mount bar. With the mount being 25mm it allows just enough room to slip a piece of inner tube between the mount and bar.

Nawa connectors used as tool tube mounts.

I used a bigger version (32mm) of the same connector on a previous motorcycle project as a mount for a tool tube. More here->

A test mounting using the NAWA connector

Nawa connector mounted on the GPS bar


Much better than the RAM arm

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Marcus Deubel says:

    The HERMANN MECHATRONIK MOUNT is designed to hold all Zumos. No additional material needed. You can use the Touratech brackets as well. Perfect mount for my Zumo 350.


    1. Marcus Deubel says:

      BTW. I don’t like the Touratech brackets too. But you can lock


      1. 250rally says:

        True, but I prefer to pocket the device rather than leave on the bike. Locked or not. I also mostly use my phone now as a GPS and I’m likely to keep it with me when off the bike.


  2. fly1ngb says:

    nice, the NAWA idea, we will try and do something similar here in Cape Town (South Africa) for an in-store display bike we have coming to us in a few weeks – neat tip, thanks!
    Chris & Team,

    PS: will watch your thread for other nifty ideas – no pressure!


  3. Mark says:

    How does the pouch fix to the Nawa mount, and where did you source the pouch?


    1. 250rally says:

      It’s bolted through the bottom using the Nawa mounting screws. I don’t remember where I got the pouch though.


  4. Billy Tantri says:

    I’ve tried the pouch solution. Have my phone overheat and shut down by itself. Even if the phone is functioning, it will be very slow due to the heat. I’m living in Indonesia. Having the phone turn on with GPS navigation, stream music thru Bluetooth and charging the phone at the same time plus the sun is scorching bright which makes the screen maxed out the brightness to make it visible. The phone needs airflow to cool down and the pouch doesn’t have any. It does work at night time though.

    Another issue is your phone has distance sensor on the front to turn off the screen during phone call, part of the pouch or even the transparent plastic might be recognized as obstruction. So you can’t turn on the phone while inside the pouch.

    Operating the phone while inside the pouch also troublesome with the extra thick plastic in between your finger and the screen.


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