Tank bag for the 250 Rally


I borrowed a Wolfman Enduro tank bag from a friend to prove myself what I already suspected, which is that a tank bag doesn’t really work for the Rally. (For me that is)


Wolfman Enduro tank bag on the Honda 250 Rally


1. The bag needs to be quite far from the bars* in order to avoid the bars from pushing against the bag at full lock. This brings the bag right on my lap which I don’t like at all. I can just fit on the seat on a t-shirt and shorts, but in full riding gear…the back would be a major annoyance.

*my bike has an up & back risers installed, so a stock bike should have a bit more room.

2. The fairings make strapping the bag difficult. The straps can easily be attached properly if you pop the fairings off first. You could leave the straps hanging in place if you take the bag with you, but I rather not ride around with straps flapping about. I’m sure there is an elegant and easy solution to this but as long as problem #1 exists it doesn’t really matter.


The bag I tested was tiny, so things will only get worse with most other bags. A bag smaller than the Enduro is not really worth strapping on anymore.

If you really want to, you can put a small tank bag on the Rally, but there are some limitations. I’m assuming that the situation is not much different with the 250L (aside from running the straps easily), but people seem to getting along with tank bags just fine on it. This leads me to believe I’m maybe being too picky.

Amazon has the above tank bags: Wolfman Enduro Tank Bag Black

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  1. aleks says:

    There are a couple more options. Kriega R3 or R8, so instead of a tank bag you wear a waiste bag. Or this: https://northwestmotorcyclesdirect.com/Your-Honda/Off-Road/Honda-CRF250-L-M-Steering-Handle-Pocket That handlebar Honda bag can be acquired from the dealer. How handy it is, or whether it’s waterproof I’ve no idea.


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