Giant Loop saddlebag on Honda 250 Rally


Luggage testing continues. The Giant Loop saddlebags are also on loan for testing and I’m not sure which model bags they are.

The GL bags fit on the bike quite nicely. The fatter arse of the Rally support the underside of the bags well and strapping the bags securely to the bike is easy. In this case the fairings do not get in the way.

I ran the lower straps under the passenger pegs  and the rear straps run behind the PM rack. Easy, fast and secure.

This type of luggage setup is my choice as I don’t want to mount pannier racks and mounting all the luggage on the rear rack is not a working solution on longer trips.


The downside of this type of setup is that the plastics will get scratched to s**t very fast. Personally I’m willing to accept that and I will most likely replace the plastics if/when the time comes to sell the bike. Trying to protect the plastics with protective film etc. is just wasted time & money in my opinion.

Amazon has Giant Loop saddle bags: Great Basin Saddlebag RT-Gray

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  1. Marcus Deubel says:

    Have a look at this website ( I have purchased this one here


  2. John J Brewbus says:

    I like the light-weightedness of soft luggage, especially on a small-ish bike like the CRF Rally.
    However, I’ve been considering other options than Giant Loop, Wolfman and all the usual brands. I’ve been thinking of something like this And using it as a base for whatever bags I have with me that day — I’d still need to have bags besides this attachment system, but it would give me more flexibility. I’ve even seen people simply detach the straps with the bags from the bike, throw the straps over their shoulders and hike away with all their kit.
    Of course, I don’t want to pay top dollar for just a bunch of straps– no! I’ve just ordered a sewing machine to make my own gear. I’ll make the straps and bags myself, to my own specifications. I figure that spending a couple of hundred dollars on an industrial sewing machine will pay for itself when I make all my own gear.
    Mind you, it’ll look fugly — I’m a bit crap at sewing 🙂


    1. Chris says:

      Using Giant Loop Mojave bags on my Rally/. They attach neatly to the Adventure Spec Rack which in turn has a Kriega 30L Sack on it. An ideal combo for me.


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