Tail bag for the 250 Rally


After some searching I found a budget version for a tail bag. The Giant Loop and Wolfman bags are the obvious top shelf choices for this, but I wanted to spend about half what the premium bags go for.

Held Iconic Evo tail bag



The medium size version of the Held Iconic Evo bag fits like a glove on the PM Rack. I haven’t yet tested how much stuff I can fit in the bag, but I will report back once I have.

The bag has two straps with buckles at both ends. I suppose the straps are designed to go under a bikes seat, but work perfectly with racks too. Obviously. The bag is rigid enough to hold it’s shape even when empty (which is something I wanted).

Held Iconic Evo tail bag (M)

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  1. I’m liking your bag choice! The primary reason that I chose to go with a hard sided box on my L was stickers,LOL 😛 Your new bag looks great on there,and looks b\very handy as well 🙂

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  2. Ben says:

    I recently uses d a black 30ltr Molle ruck sack of eBay for £10. All the straps come off easily and it has loads of d rings.


  3. Do you know if it is waterproof?


    1. 250rally says:

      Technically no. But as it is semi rigid and has Multiprint layers of fabric with an inner stiffening structure, water hasn’t come through yet. Using a rain cover hasn’t been necessary so far.


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