Riding around


A bit too cold still to be fully enjoyable, but fun none the less. The suspension is sort of growing on me. It’s a very different animal from the 690 Enduro. The 690 was hard on even the softest setting, but the front on the Rally is just comfy as heck.

Yes, it will most likely cause grief for aggressive riders, but damn if it isn’t just right for a middle aged fart like me.

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  1. I feel ya,brother (on the middle aged old fart thing),LOL,I’m 44 myself and have realised that I don’t bounce as high when I crash,nor do I ride as fast on trail as I did decades ago 😛

    I have my CRF250X set up softer than most of my riding buddies do their bikes,nearly as soft as the L is stock. I agree with you,it rides very comfy (but if I were to push it hard on our local technical,rocky,rough trails,it might be a touch too soft).


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