The great indicator scare


I feel like a complete idiot, but in case there are others I will share this.

I was fiddling with the bike in the garage and turned it on for what ever reason. I suddenly noticed that the blinkers are constantly on. Not blinking, just on. The blinker button worked as did hazards and all the other lights.

I immediately jumped to the conclusion that I must have ****ked up the wiring somehow with my installations and what I was seeing was some sort of error code.

I undid all the fairings post haste, and checked all the installations and fuses. No help.
After digging up a 250 L service manual and finding no help from there I summoned the powers of

Ahemm… they are supposed to be on. They work the same way on the Africa Twin. I’ve never owned a bike with this sort of feature, but still… I’m an idiot.

I’m blaming the red wine.

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  1. David Levy says:

    The Indonesian version (ie; Made in Thailand ) does not do this 😦 , they just work as regular flashers only.

    .., I thought having the flashers on (as driving lights) was a good feature myself and wished our local version included it, as LED’s use little power and anything to make you more visible on the road IMO is a good thing.


    1. Roman Randall says:

      Mine is the same as above and I’m from Australia, I just want to know when you put the left blinker on for example does the right blinker go off or does it stay on or turn when the left one is blinking?

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  2. Ed@Ford says:

    Are you talking about the front indicator lights or both front and rear? My 2013 CRF250L are non LED, and the fronts are double filament with one on all the time…rears are single filament, only do turns


    1. 250rally says:

      Front. The rear ones work normally.


  3. vince says:

    On mine, i have bend one of the three pins on the blinker s connector.
    Now i have normal front blinkers !


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