Luggage rack

I need something to strap my stuff on for longer rides. Carrying a back pack is not a viable option for anything but the shortest of rides.

I’ve done some research on whats available for the bike. I’m assuming anything made for the CRF 250 L will also fit the Rally. I left out the ones that bolt through the rear fender.

I’m leaning towards the PMR with the B&B being a close second. That said, I’m open to suggestions.

Nomadic rack ($85)

Manufacturer’s siteNomadic rack

Hepco & Becker Minirack (138€)

Manufacturer’s site: Hepco & Becker Minirack

Precision Motorcycle Racks ($94)

Manufacturer’s sitePrecision Motorcycle Racks
» LINK TO AMAZON: Honda CRF250L ENDURO Series Rear Luggage Rack (12-Present)

Adventure-Spec (£125)

Manufacturer’s site: Adventure-Spec

Moose Racing rack ($100)

Manufacturer’s site: Moose Racing Rack

B&B Offroad rack (AUD$ 195)

Manufacturer’s siteB&B Offroad rack

14 Comments Add yours

  1. Scott says:

    The B&B looks great. Love the aluminium construction, although I would be a bit concerned about the abrupt/sharp leading edge if you plan to do much off road as that would be painful to the buttocks or thighs in certain scenarios! 🙂


    1. 250rally says:

      Good catch. I didn’t notice that myself.


    2. Davo In Bali says:

      It looks raised in height more than some of the others. I could easily be modified / fabricated to include a vertical(ish) stylish looking plate plate at the rear of the seat where that ‘edge’ is your talking about .., a cheap and east mod to weld onto the rack.
      It would strengthen it considerably also 🙂


  2. Marcus Deubel says:

    I went for the Hepco&Becker. Expensive, but well crafted.


  3. Marcus Deubel says:

    One advantage of the H&B is the removable rack itself which is attached by four screws on top. That’s why I choose it.


  4. Christopher says:

    I think I like the Nomadic rack or the B&B as a second


  5. Robert says:

    Personally I would go for the Precision Motorcycle Racks one. It gives plenty of surface, looks great, and should(?) work with a rotopax mount if you need to store extra fuel. It would be my first pick even though you can’t really go wrong with any of the choices here.


  6. Davo In Bali says:

    I like the PRM .., but at the same time dislike how messy looking the welds are (see website , as too hard to see in this photo) I would have liked to see some grinding / filing to tidy then up a bit more, but i guess you get that with mass production.

    .., also I disliked it’s rear fixing points of this rack , and how it slopes inwards on and angle toward the rear bolts . I would have made it neater by making the rear brackets vertically straight , then had a fixing point similar to the front bracket.

    Speaking of those front brackets where the bolt goes through . I was disappointed that they were not machined in a way so that the Allen Key ‘ Bolt head” ended up being flush with the bracket. I don’t like the way the bolt head is left sticking out like dogs balls.

    Some will say I am fussy , but these things do not take much extra effort to perfect.
    I live in Bali and will be custom making mine using Stainless steel , and Pannier Racks , plus detachable Surfboard Racks .., ie; once I get my Rally


  7. Davo In Bali says:

    Any reason why no one is considering the racks that bolt though the rear fender .., because they are equally supported by the same rear subframe that the side bolts use, and IMO look neat and tidy ?

    Here are two links ..,

    This ‘Bolt through Fender’ Rack option – also leaves the seat bolts unobstructed , and even lets those seat bolts be used for something else (like pannier racks for example)

    When I end up making my Pannier racks , I will also be incorporating the bolt where the subframe bolts to the mainframe for added strength.

    I haven’t decided on which Panniers to use yet, but being a 250cc, I am thinking 32 Liter max. I don’t want them too wide as I have to consider my Surfboard Racks will need to sit slightly outside of the Pannier width (making the load even wider) .., I have 2 sets of racks that carry either 1 or 2 boards at a time (we can get away this in Indonesia)


  8. Frank Weber says:

    I think, i will order the PMR for my Rally.
    It looks very nice and compact.
    And the option for the Roto-Pax is good.


  9. Davo In Bali says:

    Geez this bike has a fat arse (520 mm) widest points at the rear end plastics .., That is going to make the fitment of panniers rather awkward …, OMG, then I need to allow room to hold surfboards in racks outside of the panniers 😦


  10. I went with the Moose Racing Expedition rack on my L. It’s a bit large (even for the plastic top box I bought that was in budget),but it’s overbuilt and designed to work with Moose’s Expedition series of top bolxes (aluminum) should I have some unexpected budget and decide to upgrade later. Any and all of those racks pictured above will look sweet on your Rally,my friend 🙂


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