Barkbusters hand guard installation on Honda 250 Rally

Honda 250 Rally OEM hand guards
Flimsy. Very flimsy.

Proper hand guards are a must if you are planning on taking any adventurous chances with the bike. I fully intend to take the bike to situations where a fall is quite possibly in the cards. A snapped lever bent out of commission is a sucky situation on an otherwise spectacular road trip.

The two things preventing breaking stuff mounted on the bars are mad skills and handquards. Since the first one eludes me, I threw cash at the potential problem.


*** Disclaimer: This is my first hand guard installation where I need to cut into the grips, so DO NOT use the information below as installation instructions***

This is what the bar ends look like
This is what I used first
Drilled a 20mm hole on the left side
Drilled a 15mm hole on the throttle side first to see what was inside


Cut off the end of the bar with carpet knife

Drilled a hole with a 22mm bit
Drilling was not enough. Had to cut more of the rubber off.
Used a belt sander to make the inner white plastic flush with the rubber.
Had to make a small recess on the clamps to enable them to seat properly. Also had to flip the inside bolts so I could tighten them.
Left side.
Right side.
Not much room.
Barkbusters Jet handguard Kit (22mm – straight mount) Part number: JET-001
Barkbusters on a Honda CRF 250 Rally
Plenty of space at full lock
No room to move the guards upwards on the left
Same on the right.

Amazon link: Barkbusters JET Handguard complete kit for 7/8″ handlebars (includes backbones, plastics, and mounting hardware) – Black

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  1. Marcus Deubel says:

    Morning! Nice description. Do the handguards hit the fairing/screen when you steer?


    1. 250rally says:

      No. I was a bit worried about that too, but it’s not even that close.


  2. redlava says:

    Hi webbiker…between zeta,acerbis n barkbuster which one is the best n worth the money…n why u choose barkbuster…

    Thanks..n goodjob….


    1. 250rally says:

      No idea. I just picked one and hoped for the best.


  3. Davo In Bali says:

    Your guards look real nice .., but I like the look and functionality so far (from researching the web) of the Zeta armour guards (with bend) .., what I like is they offer a stronger option where the guard bolts to an nice adaptor that is fixed directly on to your top triple tree fork clamp instead of back to the handlebar.

    The Armour version has a replaceable bolt on plastic outer ‘skid plate’ that hits the dirt / road if you drop the bike .., rather than your nice aluminium finish.

    Zeta also offer a plastic hand guard version with LED lights incorporated within them that can either be used as replacement blinkers/ flashers , or as driving lights (for more visibility on the road) or both (you tube has some good installation vids for these – search

    Not only is this triple tree clamp option stronger , but it frees up the clutter on the handlebars.

    As I an tall 6’2″ with long arms .., I am also planning to dump the stock handlebars for a centre bar free – ‘Pro Taper’ Contour 1 1/8″ bars.
    I will use Rox adaptor Risers, and also a taller height profile bar to get my preferred height for easier standing on the pegs riding.


    1. 250rally says:

      There doesn’t seem to be much extra lenght on the cables for risers, but I will have to see ehat others come up with. I’m not tall, but I would like som e rise too.


      1. MajorBlunders says:

        I gave Zeta’s Triple clamp mount a try on my rally (with Zeta armour guards). Problematic.

        The resulting mount point is further forward so that the hand guard bar must be mounted on the back of the mount rather than the front as intended in order to miss the center cluster (windshield is well clear) . Even so, clearance to instrument cluster is literally about 1mm at full lock,

        Bending the Zeta bars to custom fit was possible… but the effort it required convinced me that the the Zetas are WAY stronger than the ancient Barkbusters on my XR350. Also, if you think the bars are crowded, take another look at the top of the Triple clamp. Clutch side went on OK but throttle side was nightmare. Reverted to the bar clamps and they went on with much less fiddlywork, less interference and feel plenty solid. I hope Revzilla will accept the return of the very nicely machined $58 no-go pair of brackets.

        Bottom line


  4. Barkbusters and hand guards was the first thing I ordered for my L as well (Moose Racing,both the barkbusters and the plastic guards over them).

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  5. Peter Burke says:

    You may not have intended this as a how to but having read this and liking the idea of a bit of crash protection for on or off road I used this as a guide and have fitted a pair of these to mine. I went for the red!
    Chances are mine will not see much in the way of ‘proper off road’ work but a simple tip over can remove/damage the levers so thanks for this wouldn’t have know where to start without your page.


  6. Billdoz says:

    Awesome job! I used your experience to add the acerbis x factory to my rally. They fit well! Thanks for the inspiration.


  7. Jule le Mans says:

    `Great description, I fitted mine today, without any problems!


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