USB Charging plug / power socket

Installed a Burnsmoto USB plug for the Rally. I’ve installed the exact same kind of plug on 3 of my previous bikes and it has always worked very well.


The unit is as simple as it gets. It connects directly to 12 volt system and powers down to USB power requirements (DC 5V +/-0.25 and 2.1 amp max). This means once you find a source for aux power, just hook it up and you are good to go. The plug can also be connected directly to the battery if no aux power plug is available.

It comes with a mounting bracket, but I haven’t yet been able to find a place on any of the bikes to use it.



AThis time I zip tied the plug to the GPS bar (I’m calling it that from now on). It’s solid enough that I can’t push it down nor does it move up if I pull it. That said, it’s not 100% elegant solution. There is surprisingly little real estate behind the screen to mount stuff, but I have some ideas I will have to test out. I did put a mesh sleeve on the wires so they blend in with the others.

As for the actual source of power, I wired the USB plug to the socket found under the left front fairing (the black bit) (more here:



Amazon has these: USB Weatherproof Charger Socket 2.1 Amp to Bare Wire


EDIT [1.4.2017]

Some more photos for those thinking about mounting options on the dash. Edited the photos for clarity and details so they are intentionally a b it off.

The black braided wire is the USB-plug wire.



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  1. Semih says:

    Hello from İstanbul ! which we are the people who are still waiting to get our Rally’s after if comes to the country.
    First of all thank you for that blog that we could find fair comments about bike and see your upgrades also.
    But i would like to say that there is no date on your pages which we could not see the date when you send a post and understand when did you get your bike or when did you upgraded it also.
    Anyway thanks for sharing these pics and comments with the people from all around the world.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 250rally says:

      I will fix that


  2. Ferdinand pick says:

    Glad to see you used the power take off found under the fairing. How did you connect it, with a female opposing plug?


    1. 250rally says:

      Well, the smart move would have been to source the correct Honda plug, but I’m not patient enough.

      I replaced the Honda plug with another one and added a corresponding male plug on the USB plug wire


      1. Damien says:

        Please note you’re talking about the “red bit” left front fairing, NOT the red plug found under the seat. The black connector in front is for power, ok to use.
        The red one under the seat should not be touched as it is the diagnostics connector.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. 250rally says:

        GOOD CALL! For some reason I had spelled RED instead of black. The bit under the left fairing is BLACK and the one under the seat is RED. Do not use the RED for anything.


  3. Ferdinand pick says:

    I see now, it came with a plug end on it ready to be used and plumbed in… Nice work


    1. Ferdinand pick says:

      I’m confused did you have to source a plug that would connect as it just looked like a dust cap was over the plug, not the female attachment as I thought.?


  4. Davo In Bali says:

    Can someone check .., in photos I noticed what might be a good fixing /mounting point for perhaps a usb or 12 volt ciggi lighter type charging points.

    This spot is .., under the ‘speedo’ I noticed two holes in a bracket (?) either side of the main centre frame that holds the speedo.

    As I am yet to see a CRF Rally in the flesh (still waiting for dealers to get a showroom model) .., I cant see from photos how far or deep, or perhaps awkward to reach to this area is for mounting anything to …, all I notices is “oh theres a spot you could mount something ” , which is good because usually we don’t get anywhere goo to mount stuff when we want to.

    Can someone check out this possible mounting point, and give feedback about it’s possibilities ?
    Cheers 🙂


    1. 250rally says:

      I will add some pics in a minute


    2. Johny J Brewbus says:

      Davo in Bali,
      I haven’t read this whole thread, yet — I’ve just discovered it and am reading my way through.
      If you are still looking for a CRF Rally to test out, try the Honda Dealer at the top of Jl. Cokroaminoto, Denpasar. I don’t have their number, but ask to speak to Ruben if you need English language.


  5. Semih says:

    hello , i could not find and average fuel consumption and temperature indicator on the rally’s indicator , is there one and i could not find it or it does not have one ?


    1. The CRF250 Rally does not have that.


  6. sam says:

    u may find this interesting if u haven’t seen it, Japanese site sell the usb package on their official honda accessories:

    You can see how they arranged it


    1. 250rally says:

      Is that really a USB socket? Looks like an ordinary cigarette lighter plug.


      1. brentb907 says:

        I ordered this up today from Japan. I guess i’ll find out what its like if/when it comes in (hoping i filled out the order forms right since Google translated it for me 😂) Hopefully the plug on the bike is ready to go and doesn’t need any pins installed.


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