Honda 250 Rally fairings

Honda CRF 250 Rally fairing materials
Honda CRF 250 Rally fairing materials

Went through the fairings piece by piece. Turns out they are not made from the same material.

  • The rear side panel is made out of plain ABS (not good)
  • The black front side panel is made out of  plain ABS (not good)
  • The red part on the front side panel is PP = polypropylene (good)
  • The front bash plate is made out of PA6+ABS+GF12 which is a nylon, ABS and glass fiber (12%)mix (heat resistant?)
  • The bottom bash plate is made out of PP (good)


I found out that the corresponding panels on the left and right are not made from the same material. On the exhaust side (right) the middle cowl and side cover are PA6+ABS+GF12.

In theory the fragile ABS front side fairing can be separated from the red PP part and still be able keep the red part mounted to the bike. Ruins the looks though.


The use of fragile ABS is a big let down. Boo Honda.


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  1. Ferdinand pick says:

    Loving the work!!


  2. Ferdinand pick says:

    Loving your work mate, keep it up.

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  3. Davo In Bali says:

    Yes – I saw a you tube video today (sorry don’t have a link) and the guys fairing (on the Rally’s black section had a huge crack in it from where the lowest point of the red finishes , along almost to where the black plastic ends just above the clutch plates cover ..,

    Even the plastics lower down in general were all scratched up heaps just from scrub and twigs etc it made is bike look about 10 years old…, if you watch all the Honda marketing videos you never see a guy on the street , they are all riding single trails, and though deep creeks and shit .., then hand us lower (and brittle) delicate road bike style fairings that prevent you from adding real bash plates etc ???

    It made me angry as I am seriously against all that lower black plastic …, and that skid plate > WTF is that useless piece of plastic bling


  4. ChG says:

    It is really sad to see, that there are ABS plastics on a off-road orientated bike. Hopefully the second market will solve this problem with better plastics or a cage system. I saw some pictures of a thiny cage system on the net, but if this could handle a crash i dont know. For everyone keep in mind that the crf 250 l and rally are dual sport bikes but mostly road orientated concerning suspension, power and price… But yeas, in line with the brake-lever, handle-bars, exhaust system and now some of the plastics, honda saved some money at the expanse of quality…
    Hopefully the second marlet will solve this problem!


  5. aleks says:

    On a sidenote, ABS is not fragile, it’s actually pretty strong, but brittle. Depends on how hard you hit it. 🙂


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