Honda 250 Rally bash plate / engine guard

Digging deeper into the bike. I took the bash plate off and took a closer look. The bottom plate comes out once the front plate is removed and once you do that you get to see how the bottom plate is attached to the frame. Basically it’s held on place by two bolts at the front and the back lip of the plate slides into slot under the bike.

As far as material strength goes, the bottom plate isn’t much different from the one on the stock KTM 690 Enduro. That said, the one part construction and better mounting makes the KTM version much more off road worthy.

One has to wonder, why Honda chose shiny plastic for the bottom part of the fairings. I don’t see the plastics looking good for very long even if you stay off the serious off road stuff.

The bottom plate mounting bolts can be seen here
front plate
backside of front plate
Honda 250 Rally bottom bash plate
bottom plate inside

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  1. Davo In Bali says:

    This is the only area I hate about this new model I would have much preferred the bottom half of the bike to look like a regular CRF 250 -L 😦

    I personally find it imperative to buy and install the flatland racing Bash Plate, and until I get a Rally to tinker with , have no Idea how this is going to work out ?


    1. 250rally says:

      Looks good. Good find!


  2. aleks says:

    Yeah, this motorcycle is more about looks than anything else. You can see it just by the way the plastics are sectionized. They should have at least make the side covers easily replaceable, but nope, it’s just a huge piece of plastics, from top to bottom. Having such an engine guard is actually worse than not having any. It means every single time you decide to wash the bike you have to take that joke apart. And I already see me cracking that plate and scratching the side covers. And the new plastics are going to be expensive as hell. Buying a dual-sport motorcycle and then trying hard not to damage the (otherwise beautiful) plastics kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?


    1. charlie says:

      I dropped mine a week after buying it, came into a corner waaaaaaayyyyyy too fast and cracked the fairing by the bottom and broke a signal.

      not sure how much a replacement is but I took a soldering iron and rewarded it then did the zip the stitching on it. it doesn’t look great but it’s better than broke.


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