Toolbox & tools

Slowly getting to know the bike. Started easy and took a look in the toolbox. The box itself is a bit larger than in the standard L, but the tools are nothing to write home about. I think bare minimum describes the content.

Honda CRF 250 Rally toolbox
Placed a GoPro Hero 3 in the box for scale
Honda CRF 250 Rally tool kit

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Christopher says:

    Actually a better tool kit than my Africa Twin came with !


  2. Davo In Bali says:

    Whats the metal cable for in the photo .., I am ‘guessing’ perhaps its a tie off cable for the stand as a safety option to stop it dropping down by accident while off roading …, anyone ?

    .., anyway I don’t care there are hardly any tools , as I have always found the tools that come with any stock kit (car – bike etc) are only good for either breaking before the job is done, or rounding bolt heads πŸ˜‰


    1. aleks says:

      To lock your helmet to the motorcycle.


  3. Frank Weber says:

    The metal cable is for locking your helmet in combination with the helmet holder behind the toolbox πŸ™‚


  4. I’m still tinkering with what goes in my tool kit (aside from proof of insurance and registration papers in a ziplock baggy,of course) on my new L. Interested to see what tools you go with. Enjoying the blog,BTW πŸ™‚



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