To-do-list v 1.0

Rode the trade in bike to the shop today. +4 celsius, cold asf.

I hovered around the rally for a while and found a few things that need attention.

The hand quards

Honda CRF 250 Rally hand guards

The hand quards are purely cosmetic and need to be replaced with real ones asap. I snapped a clutch lever from the 690E pretty fast because the OEM guards give no protection for the levers in case of a spill.

Rear fender

Honda CRF 250 Rally rear fender

That thing is huge and needs to go. Not on the top of the list but still.

USB plug

Already ordered the Burnsmoto plug, but mounting and source for the power needs to figured out. So far it’s looking like the plug needs to be ran staright to the battery which is not optimal.

Battery tender plug

For ease of winter charging and peace of mind this thing is a must too.


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  1. Davo In Bali says:

    Yes I intend to rip out the bulky arse end of the RALLY and install this discreet LED Brake light assembly ;

    * DRC Edge2 Integrated Tail Light Kit for the Honda CRF250L

    Link ;

    There are some electronic bits too in the links and videos from 12 O’clock Labs , just incase there are any flasher issues.

    I doubt thought there will be issues anyway …, (as explained in the videos in the links) …,

    I am guessing this because they all seem to all stem from replacing analog / traditional bulb type flasher lights with LED Flashers when they are used in conjunction with the DRC Edge2 Integrated Tail Light Kit for the Honda CRF250L (aftermarket Brake light / tail piece assembly)

    Seeing the CRF RALLY ‘already’ has all round LED flashers , I am guessing the 12 O’clock Labs extras will not be needed as Honda would have already dealt with any issues.

    But .., if issues arrise as in the Vid , then 12 O.clock labs has you covered 🙂


  2. Davo In Bali says:

    For me a nice WIDE aftermarket seat.

    I will be loaded up most times, commuting, touring, even shopping runs rather than trying to get air over huge jumps .., there for I am looking for max comfort.

    Lots to chose from but likely here to go with Corbin due to the quality build (and $$$) but reviews I read mostly agree while still initially feeling hard but feels best over the longer rides (all subjective of course).

    FYI – for ordering aftermarket seats for the RALLY

    …, the RALLY shares exactly the same seat (incl Honda catalog Part number) as the CRF250 ‘L’ from 2013-2017

    This (below) is the official word from Honda USA Customer Service ..,

    ” Thank you for contacting our office regarding the 2017 CRF250L Rally
    edition. Based on the part number (77200-KZZ-900ZA) of the seat for the
    CRF250L, the same seat is used from 2013-2017 “

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    1. Ken W says:

      Hi Davo.

      Did you find a good quality aftermarket seat for the Rally?
      I live in Bali as well and curious where and how you got this, as I’ve heard from many not to bother trying to get anything shipped in from overseas here. It either goes missing or your charged 1-300% import tax.
      I’ve been searching the local websites for parts etc, tokopedia, Lazada, Bukalapak, but they are all still very limited and find most to be of cheap./poor quality. Bought a Coriaz tail rack and the welds were pretty sad in some areas and obviously the surface wasn’t prepared properly as paint was already pealing away before I even installed it.
      Lets connect for some rides 1 day.


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